A small android helper for the AIDE IDE, to keep the string.xml ressources in sync between translations

Download the android app from: google play store. And here for the sources.

at the moment i found 2 projects that try to achieve this, but both are directed to commercial translators, who want to translate the stuff that wasn't translated, want time accounting and that sort of stuff...

as a dev, i just want a table with the available tokens and see where a translation is missing...

thanks to https://android-arsenal.com/details/1/3950 for the diretory picker it is buggy, since it can't backnavigate once a path was given, but it works reasonably well

BTW to validate a field you have to hit the enter key, otherwise the input is not taken, even if it is still written there its a "feature" at least on my kbd the IME_ACTION_DONE is not triggered when i hit the TAB key... You are responsible on what you write into, NO CHECKING on the data is done, so beware!! # include it into your own code

to use it include the instringsynchro jar into your path, add the

import com.nohkumado.intstringsynchro.*;